With up to date technology our Laundry department may satisfy even the most specific requirements from our clients and meet the highest eco standards. We possess full equipped laboratory for realizing new jeans developments. We do dry laundry process which makes special washing with 3D solarium machine as well and other standard dry procedures as: scrapping, buffing, destroy, etc.

The wet process section is fully equipped with last generation machines from Tolkar and Tonello enabling stonewash and bleaching on the jeans.

The last but not least part in our laundry department is the section for dyeing process. This section is equipped with Tlokar’s Smartex machines of the latest generation specialized for dyeing. Also we have data cellular system for analyzing fabrics and special machine for testing fabrics.

Having on mind that Laundry department is working with different kind of liquids and materials necessary for treating the jeans in Kosovatex we have implemented the highest eco procedures and standards in order to keep clean, safe and healthy our environment.